Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Advent Family Devotions Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Is Jesus Real?

Opening Prayer:
Dear Jesus, help us to learn as much as we can about You, to believe in You, and to live in You.  Amen.  

Scripture:  Luke 2.1-3
"In those days a decree went out from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be registered. This was the first registration when Quirinius was governor of Syria. And all went to be registered, each to his own town."

     Sunday, December 23rd, children from Good Shepherd will be presenting their own Christmas service. Some of the children are practicing recitations from the Bible including the passage above.  Whoever reads that little passage is going to have to work a little aren't they? There are some specific names, titles and places mentioned.  These kinds of passages, as difficult as they may be to say, are very important. They show that the Bible is not just a story book.  It is a very real book telling us about real people, places and events.   

     Newsweek magazine is now running an article questioning the truthfulness of the Christmas account in the Bible. We always see these kinds of articles and documentaries coming at this time of the year. But if you actually read the Bible and just think a little about what you are reading, you will easily see that this isn't a story book at all.  There are just too many facts that connect with real life and history.

     What do we really know about Jesus?  We know a lot. But most important, at Christmas we know that Jesus is God's Son, who was born of the Virgin Mary to save us from our sins.  

For Discussion:
1.  Why do people like to think that the Bible is just a story book and and not a book about real people and real things?  (Controversy sells magazines!  Some people just don't want to believe in Jesus.)

2.  Why is it such a blessing to know that Jesus is real?  (Because our sins and all our problems in life are very real, and we need a very real savior.)

Closing Prayer:
Dear God, thank You for giving us the Bible and for teaching us about Jesus. Help us to learn more about Him and to live in faith and love according to Your word.  Amen.

Hymn:  "Infant Holy, Infant Lowly"

Click here for the melody.

Infant holy, infant lowly,
For His bed a cattle stall;
Oxen lowing, little knowing
Christ the child is Lord of all.
Swiftly winging, angels singing,
Bells are ringing, tidings bringing:
Christ the child is Lord of all!
Christ the child is Lord of all!

Flocks were sleeping, shepherds keeping
Vigil till the morning new
Saw the glory, heard the story,
Tidings of a Gospel true.
Thus rejoicing, free from sorrow,
Praises voicing, greet the morrow:
Christ the child was born for you!
Christ the child was born for you!

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