Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Advent Family Devotion for Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Advent Healing

(Photo by GSLC Member Bob Morris, Collinsville, Illinois)

Opening Prayer:
Dear Jesus, thank You for coming to bring forgiveness for our sins and healing for our diseases. Amen.

Scripture:  Malachi 4.2
"But for you who fear my name, the sun of righteousness shall rise with healing in its wings."

     Yesterday I visited one of our members in the hospital. She is broken. She is hurt. She needs healing. Sooner or later all of us have to experience this. We become sick or we are hurt. Life if full of trouble like that.

     Some people try not to think about it. They avoid hospitals. They don't talk to their friends who are sick or hurt. They try to imagine that nothing bad will ever happen to them. That is very sad, because they are going to have a very hard time when things become difficult.

     In many places the Bible says that the Messiah* comes to bring righteousness (forgiveness of sins) and healing.  Malachi compares the Messiah to a sunrise.  As the sun begins to rise, the light shoots out like a bird lifting up its wings.  

     Jesus comes like that. His righteousness and healing shoot out to all the world. In His earthly ministry He healed many people. Today He hears our prayers and gives us healing according to His will. One day all disease and death will be healed in heaven.

     * The Greek translation of "Messiah" is "Christ."  

For Discussion:
1.  Do you know anyone who is sick?

2.  What could you do to help them?  (Visit, Send a Card, Say a Prayer)

3.  How could you remind them that Jesus brings healing?  (Share Bible promises with them.)  

Closing Prayer:
Dear Jesus, please help all the sick people, especially _____________.  Remind them that You came to bring healing for our souls and for our bodies.  Amen. 

Hymn:  "Now Rest Beneath Night's Shadow" Paul Gerhardt

Click here for the melody.

Now rest beneath night’s shadow
The woodland, field, and meadow,
The world in slumber lies;
But thou, my heart, awake thee,
To prayer and song betake thee;
Let praise to thy Creator rise.

The radiant sun hath vanished,
His golden rays are banished
By night, the foe of day;
But Christ, the Sun of gladness,
Dispelling all my sadness,
Within my heart holds constant sway.

The rule of day is over
And shining jewels cover
The heaven’s boundless blue.
Thus I shall shine in heaven,
Where crowns of gold are given
To all who faithful prove and true.

To rest my body hasteth,
Aside its garments casteth,
Types of mortality;
These I put off and ponder
How Christ will give me yonder
A robe of glorious majesty.

Lord Jesus, who dost love me,
Oh, spread Thy wings above me
And shield me from alarm!
Though evil would assail me,
Thy mercy will not fail me:
I rest in Thy protecting arm.

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