Friday, August 12, 2011

iPhone, Dragon Dictation & Evernote

The iPhone, Dragon Dictation and Evernote have transformed the way I study!

One of the most important ways I study is to read and take notes. I used to do that by underlining and then typing out certain phrases, sentences and notes of the book I was reading. This was a painfully slow process. Then I advanced to audio notes. Instead of writing the notes, I recorded them with a digital recorder. This can still be helpful if listening is one of your best learning styles. But the drawback here is that it is difficult to search the audio notes you have taken.

The iPhone, Dragon Dictation* and Evernote** have enabled me to combine both the audio and the typographical records. Here's how I do it:

1. Record your notes in Dragon Dictation on the iPhone. Use the words "period," "comma," and "new paragraph" for punctuation. Keep your recordings short. But you can add new dictations to the same window before you go through the copy and paste procedure below.

2. Copy your text from Dragon Dictation.

3. Paste into an Evernote document.

* Dragon Dictation is speech to text software. The iPhone has a free application for this. It works amazingly well, and you can touch up all your notes with a keyboard.

** Evernote is a free online software program that allows you to type and paste all sorts of notes. There is an iPhone application and a PC program.

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