Thursday, January 7, 2010

Praying for Salvation and Success in 2010

As I think about the year ahead and my goals I've also been thinking about this verse from Psalm 118: "Save now O LORD; Cause success now O LORD." The words "Save now" give us the Hebrew word "hosanna."

I always thought this verse was a little odd the way it started with salvation and then ended with the focus on success. But now I get it. When I fail in life by disobeying God's commands or just falling short of my own goals let alone God's goals for me, I run to God for forgiveness (salvation). God gives that of course through His Son, Jesus. His perfect life, death and resurrection set me free from all my regrets. But then He also wants me to pray "cause success." I have to get back into the game of life. I have to try again, and as I do I pray for God to bless my efforts. So... Save me when I screw up and help not to do it again (success).

Every day I try to remember three categories of goals: Spiritual (devotions, memory passages, prayer) Physical (eating right/exercising/sleeping), and Vocational (family responsibilities/church work). I'm also looking back and asking for forgiveness where I fall short and asking for success as I move forward.

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suzanne wright said...

my daughter just found your blog and forwarded it to me. I'm Laura Walther & Walter Knipstein's daughter. We saw Paul Walter this summer at Bitzer's. Very nice reunion.
I'm enjoying your writing.